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We built a boring gravel road and changed Berm Peak forever!

We built a boring gravel road and changed Berm Peak forever!
Today, we’ll build a gravel road at the very bottom of Berm Peak, so that we can use the driveway to climb back up to the top. For the first time, we’ll be able to ride all the way to the bottom of the trail system, and climb back up all on a mountain bike. Here to help us today are Kevin, James, and Alexander.
Squatch Bikes and Brews in Brevard, NC
Alexander’s channel, The Singletrack Sampler
Kevin’s Channel, Steadyspin

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  1. Miguel Romero

    Miguel Romero

    18 órája

    He should have 15 million subscribers

  2. Miguel Romero

    Miguel Romero

    18 órája

    Seth is competing with mr beast faze rug and mark rober for me

  3. Sinomin


    6 napja

    Nobody: Seth: Starts getting emotional about excavators

  4. j m

    j m

    9 napja

    That poor poor gator...

  5. Mark Bosters

    Mark Bosters

    16 napja

    After watching many years of HUbuild content, going from Casey Neistat, to Demolitian ranch. I have found a new favorite channel! The story telling is amazing! The only thing I miss is things about the house. Keep up the good work!

  6. Aadyan Sharma

    Aadyan Sharma

    21 napja

    3:39 seth: I just love being alive at this particular moment in history you heard about something like covid

  7. Zachary Feinberg

    Zachary Feinberg

    29 napja

    Now there's gonna have to be a road gap over it!

  8. scooby22nz


    29 napja

    Why was no geocloth used around the culvert or under the gravel...

  9. Shane Oakley

    Shane Oakley


    Alexander’s laugh is contagious. I need it as like a notification ringtone.

    • Shane Oakley

      Shane Oakley


      The one he does when he almost dies.

  10. Thomas Baker

    Thomas Baker



  11. Cole Rubins

    Cole Rubins


    i ,ive in nc lesgo

  12. Tommy Loutzenheiser

    Tommy Loutzenheiser


    anyone else not rlly ride but just love these videos

  13. skaterhk213



    Is Seth babish?

  14. Deni Ahmetaj

    Deni Ahmetaj


    Hope you have put those logs to good use

  15. Bowhunta 911

    Bowhunta 911

    2 hónapja

    What would I ever do without that gator

  16. TheCatsKitten


    2 hónapja

    seth. i beg you. please stop lifting with your back. especially with those rocks

  17. Alex Sweet

    Alex Sweet

    2 hónapja

    Better late than never, but find a local equipment rental place. United is easily 2-3 times more expensive than community member owned rental locations in my area

  18. Dorian Corb

    Dorian Corb

    2 hónapja

    Really entertaining stuff man! Love to watch your videos!

  19. sid fergusson

    sid fergusson

    2 hónapja

    Ive never seen him do a wheely

    • Harry Clydesdale

      Harry Clydesdale



  20. Matthew Armstrong

    Matthew Armstrong

    3 hónapja

    How did you make building a gravel road interesting???

  21. MooreMTB


    3 hónapja

    Watching all vids

  22. Dark Fusa

    Dark Fusa

    3 hónapja

    I’m 15 and been driving an excavator sense I was five It’s hilarious how he finds it so amazing

  23. Ethan Woods

    Ethan Woods

    3 hónapja

    Only Seth can get such good review on a video of them building a gravel road

  24. Chimmy Tong

    Chimmy Tong

    4 hónapja

    Seth I have to climb a 30 degree 1km hill every day for school

  25. IJL 1982

    IJL 1982

    4 hónapja

    Has he built a trail to the gravel road yet?

  26. T


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  27. Tofu Fingers

    Tofu Fingers

    5 hónapja

    The double track sampler

  28. T&B


    5 hónapja

    “Building a boring gravel road” 1.2 million views

  29. that408guy


    5 hónapja

    Who knew stump plucking would be so satisfying

  30. garry__21


    5 hónapja

    Ur Vids r so satisfying to watch

  31. Sam Samson

    Sam Samson

    5 hónapja

    4:55 siri opened and

  32. Gama Sharma

    Gama Sharma

    5 hónapja

    Good guy Alex. The real selfless hero.



    5 hónapja

    Who else heard the Minecraft dog bark at 6:34

  34. Dave Kershaw

    Dave Kershaw

    5 hónapja

    I love United rent

  35. blewyd


    5 hónapja

    The driveway at 10:33 looks like it is going down hill

  36. Ben Fulton

    Ben Fulton

    6 hónapja

    Everyone: What a time to be alive Seth: I Love being alive at this particular moment in history

  37. Krystal Weaver

    Krystal Weaver

    6 hónapja

    Should have got the gravel delivered on the day to make it easy enough speaking from a landscapers son/earthworks

  38. David Zimmerman

    David Zimmerman

    6 hónapja

    He needs to make some tow rope systems.

  39. Matthew Clarke

    Matthew Clarke

    6 hónapja

    What’s up with Alex? He seems alright but For a dirtbag biker living out of a van he’s not a very good rider.

    • bananas stuff

      bananas stuff

      17 napja

      wow thats a _very_ subtle insult...

  40. Eleazar Juan

    Eleazar Juan

    6 hónapja

    You should plant trees

  41. Amer Gamer

    Amer Gamer

    6 hónapja

    You should clean the gators back really really good, then Flexseal it To prevent any damage to the bed

  42. Colt45 _R

    Colt45 _R

    6 hónapja

    Tbh this is more like a discovery channel tv show rather than a youtube channel just gives me that vibe, maybe it will be a tv show who knows

  43. richard johnston

    richard johnston

    6 hónapja

    i own a tractor a little bigger than that one. you def coulda used it instead of the gator for the gravel.

  44. Dancing


    6 hónapja

    Great video. Looks like water will flow across the road since it’s cuts through the slope. If so, how do you manage the water not carrying the gravel off of the downhill slide? Is similar how one would cut in contour line single track? Thanks.

  45. Brian lee

    Brian lee

    6 hónapja

    How big is Berm Peak?

  46. bongers94


    6 hónapja

    Wow!how nice it is to build with all that equipment🤘

  47. ßootz


    6 hónapja


  48. Phil Martin

    Phil Martin

    6 hónapja

    beautiful and awesome

  49. TheHoughr


    7 hónapja

    Seth should see the absolutely massive excator

  50. Lee Vacer fpv

    Lee Vacer fpv

    7 hónapja

    Seth could talk about collecting stamps, AND it would still be interesting. Love how he narrates and managers to get his friends to "assist" in building his bike park. Bloody brilliant 👌

  51. Toby Elmiger

    Toby Elmiger

    7 hónapja

    Am i the only one that realised that he changed his HUbuild name from Seth bike hacks to berm peak

  52. ThexImperfectionist


    7 hónapja

    So... it's 3 months later. Did he ever cut trail out to the gravel road??

  53. Beans.


    7 hónapja

    Surely im not the only one who thinks that 10:29 is down 🤔

  54. Jason Sierchio

    Jason Sierchio

    7 hónapja

    I'm f'n jealous

  55. Louis Ballany

    Louis Ballany

    7 hónapja

    You should put a pump track in where you need cut the trees back.😁

  56. JohnRoss Hoover

    JohnRoss Hoover

    7 hónapja

    Why don’t you just get the gator and winch your self up the big hill.

  57. jade tito

    jade tito

    7 hónapja

    Can’t wait to you link that trail up 🙌🏼🤙🏽

  58. Anthøny Løder

    Anthøny Løder

    7 hónapja

    This is the actually entertaining, informative, and fun content I came to HUbuild for.

  59. Cars Gaming Random

    Cars Gaming Random

    7 hónapja

    Who else thinks Seth should get a better ITV like a canam

  60. Cars Gaming Random

    Cars Gaming Random

    7 hónapja

    1:44 yoo I have that exact same dump system and mud flaps on my dump truck

  61. Nolan Huckabay

    Nolan Huckabay

    7 hónapja

    These comments are hilarious.

  62. X-TRA 2

    X-TRA 2

    8 hónapja

    Me.: trying to buy a house Seth: buys a mountain

  63. Master Shake

    Master Shake

    8 hónapja

    You should get a leader board in the shop and have your guest take a run and then they can have a permanent score board for everyone that shows up!

  64. Benji MTB

    Benji MTB

    8 hónapja

    1:06 haha I thought that the dog was a skunk!

  65. Dorcas Bill

    Dorcas Bill

    8 hónapja

    Text this dude he’s awesome and me bypass the security check🔛 and recover my account, I recommend Hex_hacker09 on InsTa 💯

  66. HockeyDylan


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  67. unspecified 247

    unspecified 247

    8 hónapja

    One word...TICKS!

  68. This Guy

    This Guy

    8 hónapja

    I am thoroughly impressed with the payload on that gator.

  69. Homestead know how life is good

    Homestead know how life is good

    8 hónapja

    Great job I want one at my place

  70. RCP Fishing

    RCP Fishing

    8 hónapja

    Who else’s power is out ? Iykyk

  71. MTB George

    MTB George

    8 hónapja

    quick tip if your levelling out some space and you want it level then ask the company your hire the excavator from if you can have a grading bucket and its a flat bucket made for levelling out areas

  72. Shubham Jalwal

    Shubham Jalwal

    8 hónapja

    Guess what, American gun shops ask even less questions to sell a gun than lending an excavator

  73. asdghjkl ram

    asdghjkl ram

    8 hónapja

    i miss drama :(

  74. Highzone64


    8 hónapja

    Question that they ask you for a death arm Can you see and do you want it

  75. David P

    David P

    8 hónapja

    Who pays for all of the improvments? is this a private trail (kind of new to the channel) Great job, love watching!!

  76. Zak Craven

    Zak Craven

    9 hónapja

    Will you make berm peak public some day

  77. Jakob Bruhspenning

    Jakob Bruhspenning

    9 hónapja

    I really dislike ferns, where I live they are more like weeds than something nice you would plant.

  78. アバディン


    9 hónapja

    Everyone: "Excavator" Seth: *_"Deadly mechanical arm!"_*

  79. Adventure Girl Shawn

    Adventure Girl Shawn

    9 hónapja

    So awesome

  80. Robert Gralton

    Robert Gralton

    9 hónapja

    "I just love being alive at this particular moment in history". Amen to that brother! It seems like the tools people need to make an idea reality today are right under thier nose!

  81. Julian Shapiro

    Julian Shapiro

    9 hónapja

    “I love life right now” yeah COVID is the best thing that’s ever happened lol

  82. shmack


    9 hónapja

    I dont even own a mountain bike but after this came on my feed I love the channel and I'm looking to buy one now

  83. Ian


    9 hónapja

    Amazing job, the expert advise was amazing, glad you considered the trees and roots during this 🤗🙌

  84. Tap Trails

    Tap Trails

    9 hónapja

    Mmm yes, narrate your perspective over build timelapses, this is so oddlysatisfying

  85. Andrew Henke

    Andrew Henke

    9 hónapja

    You guys have THE BEST life. This all looks so much fun. Because of your videos, I now have a life goal of building a backyard mountain bike park/paths like you guys.

  86. Spitfire unite

    Spitfire unite

    9 hónapja


  87. Obama


    9 hónapja

    why does HUbuild give me subtitles? This guy speaks the clearest i've ever heard.

  88. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson

    9 hónapja

    I can’t believe you hit 2 million subscribers

  89. Foreign Beggar

    Foreign Beggar

    9 hónapja

    if you’re gonna rent a mini... you might as well rent a small skid loader as well. it’ll make way quicker work of running gravel back and forth.

  90. Terri Littlefield

    Terri Littlefield

    9 hónapja

    I'm glad to be alive in thi

    • Terri Littlefield

      Terri Littlefield

      9 hónapja

      This moment in history!

  91. Bella Shalom

    Bella Shalom

    9 hónapja

    Seth: "we built a boring road" Us: 1mil views

  92. Alpine King

    Alpine King

    9 hónapja

    for some reason this is my favourite vid on the channel ive watched it five times and would love more of this kind of content! thank you!



    9 hónapja

    1.99 mil

  94. HarryLS


    9 hónapja

    I'm really enjoying watching you guys build Berm Peak, it kind of feels like we are there. Thanks for making that happen.

  95. ppllooppyy ppllooppyy

    ppllooppyy ppllooppyy

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    3:42 not anymore

  96. Austin Mcalpine

    Austin Mcalpine

    9 hónapja

    I love all of your videos so much and you are that that keeps encouraging me to keep on biking I love your building videos the most keep it up!!!

  97. Alex Black

    Alex Black

    9 hónapja

    Its not boring if your talking

  98. Bedwaws


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    Seth could get even richer, he could rent his trails out for thousands haha.

  99. Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

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    • autistenbenjamin


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      why are you so toxic about it though lmao

  100. Jørgen Alfstad

    Jørgen Alfstad

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    I went to James shop after this video