Building a Bike Workshop in my Airbnb House

In the Fall we introduced the Berm Peak Ranger Station, a house I’ll be renting on Airbnb this Summer. Since guests will need a place to lock up their bikes, I’m giving the basement a quick mini renovation for the cause! Today we’ll build a bike rack, a workbench, and a tool wall for guests to work on their mountain bikes.
Big thanks to Park Tool for replacing the tools I used at the Ranger Station!
PK-5 Professional Tool Kit
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  1. Sunless Ball

    Sunless Ball

    3 napja

    If this opens I’m definitely gonna book in for a night or two it’s just worth the hours of flight time to america

  2. Tanner Snurkowski

    Tanner Snurkowski

    4 napja

    I so want to go here

  3. chrimac


    4 napja

    I'm glad to see you're being smart and using heavy Guage extension cords. You have no idea how many time I've seen fires start because people run power tools on cheap small Guage extensions. Good on ya

  4. everywhere.local


    6 napja

    cool video 💪

  5. Забияка Николай

    Забияка Николай

    8 napja

    Hello from Ukraine.I have been watching your channel from this winter > and i still like your videos)

  6. David Murray Holland

    David Murray Holland

    8 napja

    I'm moving in to the shop. Build a bed above the bike rack like a van

  7. Rocket City Gaming

    Rocket City Gaming

    10 napja

    "even specialty tools..." *Shows needle nose pliers*

  8. J Morris

    J Morris

    11 napja

    Man I absolutely love this channel. Watching Seth just makes me want to get up and do stuff.

  9. Old Vanturers

    Old Vanturers

    12 napja

    AIRBNB "super host" here you come...

  10. TacoSteve


    12 napja

    Thanks, Seth. Very cool.

  11. Na Rith

    Na Rith

    13 napja

    Can I got your logo 😎

  12. Aiden Robertson

    Aiden Robertson

    13 napja

    I might book this yano

  13. Grady Nussbaum

    Grady Nussbaum

    17 napja

    what are all of your tools called

  14. foot fungus

    foot fungus

    18 napja

    must have more airbnb episodes

  15. The Mountain Bike Specialist

    The Mountain Bike Specialist

    18 napja

    You can tell that seth is a dad with the no sleep beard

  16. Flamenfr0g


    19 napja

    Where did you get that awesome parts organizer with all the little drawers? Looking for one for my shop

  17. Kurt Matabang

    Kurt Matabang

    20 napja


  18. Innoxium AE

    Innoxium AE

    21 napja

    Psssh! To pretend Seth didn’t know who Joanna Gaines was and her love affair with shiplap; please! He’s married. All married men know who Joanna Gaines is and have a wife begging for the Magnolia channel.

  19. Peter A D

    Peter A D

    21 napja

    I like how the first add on HUbuild on this video was VRBO 🤣

  20. Alex Dreifke

    Alex Dreifke

    22 napja

    Along with the camera inside to protect your tools from walking off, I would swap those metal straps on the exposed duct for cloth or nylon since that will be handled and the metal will wear through the duct much faster when rubbing against it (guests putting stickers on). I’m curious how the tools will do as I run 3 Airbnbs, I provide nothing like this, yet things still go missing from time to time. Good luck and thank you for the awesome videos!

  21. Kieren Ferguson

    Kieren Ferguson

    22 napja

    Really wish I lived in America to go here sad I live in UK

  22. Oskaras Anuškevičius

    Oskaras Anuškevičius

    22 napja

    Hey can i have free bike ?

  23. hawodthechiken


    22 napja

    you could put some blue pool noodles on the bike hanger

  24. Runaway Gaming

    Runaway Gaming

    22 napja

    Is anyone else waiting for Berm Peak transfer stickers in different colors to match your bike aesthetic?

  25. syphixal icey

    syphixal icey

    23 napja

    yo i swear to god a few years ago there was i guy that lived in the trailer park i do and he looked like you he had a red bmx bike and fixed gears close to winder,ga

  26. Tristan Cehajic

    Tristan Cehajic

    23 napja

    what is a good size 24 bike

  27. Tim N

    Tim N

    23 napja

    Where is Berm Peak?

  28. Pingisl_MTB


    23 napja

    Man your hardwork pays off. I remembered following you 3-4 yrs ago you had little subscribers. Love how your hacks videos. Hope you and phil ride again together.

  29. Rebecca callaghan

    Rebecca callaghan

    23 napja

    What happen to gallarger the down hill bike

  30. thebadness


    24 napja

    keeping it stocked? Probably not practical. I bet after your first set of guests leave there, all your shifter cables, valve caps and any consumable part probably gonna be gone. I bet people will use your free shit to replace their parts even if they don't really need it right at that moment because why not. Why keep a 3 month old shifter cable in there when they can put a new one in for free.

  31. tyreece t

    tyreece t

    24 napja

    What bike do you have

  32. the big J

    the big J

    24 napja

    I have never owned a mountain bike and I will be honest am scared to try to do the easy stuff but his content is to good not to watch

  33. Oni


    24 napja

    Witch is better 27,5 or 29?

  34. Moses Byju Dreams

    Moses Byju Dreams

    24 napja

    My cycle(Trinx-striker) has a great pickup speed, idk how many km does it go the the highest, but it goes soo fast, i cant stay still on my seat.

  35. taj kos

    taj kos

    24 napja

    ay liked kan ay come to you plis plis

  36. nathaniel mortel

    nathaniel mortel

    25 napja

    Try a rigid fork to a full suspension mountain bike pleaseeeeee A fan from Philippines🇵🇭❤

  37. talan shelton

    talan shelton

    25 napja

    I literally can’t Afford a good bike 😭



    25 napja

    I wish I had one bike from berm peaks because I don't have bike😩😪

  39. Frankenforter


    25 napja

    Want to see the drone strike a match, not sure if it can but that would be great

  40. Aleksandar Milicevic

    Aleksandar Milicevic

    25 napja

    Hey Seth. I wonder how would it feel to ride a bike with only rear suapension so pritey much opositte of a hardtail. And ime sory for tje miss speling ime serbian

  41. Rumble53 1

    Rumble53 1

    25 napja

    You should go to sea otter canada

  42. Colin Claes

    Colin Claes

    25 napja

    i bought a used bmx and one cranks loose i tried tightening it multiple times and it keeps getting loose any advice?

  43. nebula -1146

    nebula -1146

    25 napja

    Do you guys remember when this channel was called Seth’s bike hack’s?

  44. Jahriah Hinde

    Jahriah Hinde

    26 napja

    so fire but you should add 5 foot metal wires on each tool so that if they loose anything they cant

  45. Troy Duncan

    Troy Duncan

    26 napja

    Alright, now I just need to know when I can book for a vacation

  46. Levi winters

    Levi winters

    26 napja

    I can’t wait until I see the trails in the best shape they’ve been in a long time and watch Seth shred on them

  47. Brad Griffith

    Brad Griffith

    26 napja

    Hate to say it but.....i can see some guests stealing your stuff.

  48. Tords Tordecilla

    Tords Tordecilla

    27 napja

    Hi sir, can i ask if i can use diswashing liquid when cleaning my mountain bike?

  49. TheIbis


    27 napja

    Not related to the video but i have something that i call " Handlebar OCD " im gonna explain it in the shortest way possible, using combo shifters.

  50. Levi Stark

    Levi Stark

    27 napja

    i realize that this is a bit off topic but i wanted to know this i bought a specialized Rockhopper with a 2x8 drive train and i want to upgrade it but i don't know where to start or what to do

  51. David Jamroz

    David Jamroz

    27 napja

    Hey Seth, I just discovered your channel last night and have binge watched everything from the start of Berm Peak and it has been a wild and fun ride. Congrats on your daughter, all the progress at BP and the Ranger station. Love the content and hopefully you'll heal up sooner than later.

  52. Aiden N

    Aiden N

    27 napja

    Where’s the enduro barrel🤣

    • Aiden N

      Aiden N

      27 napja

      Haven’t seen it in a while

  53. G J

    G J

    27 napja

    U should be wearing safety gogggles when using a nail gun even if it’s a second fix gun

  54. Ride Garage

    Ride Garage

    28 napja

    Hey Seth, I love watching your old GoPro Camera review videos, but I don't see any newer ones where you talk about what cameras are best to use. I just thought it would be interesting to see the contrast from the older videos, in a time where GoPro's flagship cameras weren't necessarily the best for mountain bike videos. I'd love to see how those older cameras compare today, as well as what other types of cameras you are using now.

    • The Russian Rubber Duck

      The Russian Rubber Duck

      28 napja

      Yeah, I miss the old camera videos

  55. Ethan Gawron

    Ethan Gawron

    28 napja

    Post a full map of berm creek for viewers to follow along with

  56. Anthony Chicazola

    Anthony Chicazola

    28 napja

    Seth can you please post again I’ve been board for a whole week

  57. Steve H

    Steve H

    28 napja

    You should do a tool review

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      27 napja

      trail riding after having just cruised on bikes my whole life but I plan to just ride it into the ground until I eventually get a good one!

  58. Vickie Wright

    Vickie Wright

    28 napja

    @berm peak you know that secrat atic you posted a year ago arent you gonna turn it in a ************ for your ****i did that becuse of last video

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      27 napja

      Hey guys so I'm trying to put a bike together from scratch does anyone know any good websites to get em from?

  59. Daniel Holland

    Daniel Holland

    28 napja

    Hey do a review on a 4 stroke motor bike customization kit Its a motor kit for bikes with no back suspension and with big frame space too

  60. Daniel Holland

    Daniel Holland

    28 napja

    What if he buys a new house then buys the house that had berm creek?

  61. Sadie Arnold

    Sadie Arnold

    28 napja

    what does a sheet of OSB cost where your at?

  62. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    28 napja

    Yikes I hope questionable folks don't decide to take these tools home with them when they leave... some people be illin

  63. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    29 napja

    "Brought the shiplap in upside down." I've been there. I know that feel.

  64. Joseph Rivera

    Joseph Rivera

    29 napja

    Does anyone know if it’s okay to store a bike with a dropper post parallel to the wall with the dropper at a downward angle?

  65. bob Builder

    bob Builder

    29 napja

    Just wondering from other videos what helmet does Kevin wear?

  66. Geordie Spina

    Geordie Spina

    29 napja

    You should buy a Walmart bike and upgrade it so it’s rideable on berm peak

  67. Luke Smith Guitar Covers

    Luke Smith Guitar Covers

    29 napja

    Bob the builder/biker!

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      29 napja

      tools will get stolen

  68. radu polojan

    radu polojan

    29 napja

    Aw man i wish i had a shock

    • radu polojan

      radu polojan

      28 napja

      i know right?

    • radu polojan

      radu polojan

      28 napja

      yeah man that would be awsome

  69. Hari Govind P K

    Hari Govind P K

    29 napja

    Get a vending machine for the spares.. That way it'll be somewhat sustainable. Would love to see a video of you would customize a regular vending machine in order to fit to your needs

  70. Rob Orchard

    Rob Orchard

    29 napja

    Can you get an inner tube over the rail to protect seat rails ?

  71. Gothwalker


    29 napja

    berm peak deosnt really fit its name

  72. Christopher Bonnet

    Christopher Bonnet


    Hey guys so I'm trying to put a bike together from scratch does anyone know any good websites to get em from?

  73. Curtis Trolley

    Curtis Trolley


    Picked up a GT Aggressor Comp 2019 from my work for $40 (it was just sitting in the back as a “parts bike”). Putting on a back wheel, cassette and derailleur. I’m just starting out trail riding after having just cruised on bikes my whole life but I plan to just ride it into the ground until I eventually get a good one!

  74. Levi Fogolin

    Levi Fogolin


    When you first started your channel did you have barely any success

  75. jfly609



    Hey guys Can anybody help me out, I remember seeing a pump Review by Seth which I really liked. I don’t remember the name of the pump tho. It was a portable pump which was a little bit Teleskopy like and when you unfolded it a footrest came out. So you had like a Little Version of an actual bike pump with you. It also had a hose through which it attached and I think it was somewhat reddish in Color. Does anybody maybe know what pump that could be ?

  76. Frederick Siapno

    Frederick Siapno


    awesome stickers can you send some here in kitimat?

  77. Aaron Blank

    Aaron Blank


    I’ve done two summers of this kind of renovation work and absolutely despise it but Seth still makes it enjoyable to watch

  78. Luis Umana

    Luis Umana


    give me bmx race bike

  79. Rolph Walraven

    Rolph Walraven


    Next year if covid is away we want to come to you for the b and b and the trails. (We come from the Netherlands and we want to do a trip trough America )

  80. The Boss

    The Boss


    can we get an update eon lisa

  81. ovh



    tools will get stolen

  82. beastmode 608

    beastmode 608


    Just a random question, do u have a bike hack for stripped out pedals

  83. tborow



    Seth, use some trim board to make a grid and cover all the ceiling panel joints.

  84. Harrison James

    Harrison James


    Hi Seth, Love your vid!!! What's happening with the bike form this vid "Old Budget Hardtail Gets Fixed Up and Sent Hard!"? I am 14 years old and since I commented on that vid the day after I broke my wrist, it has healed up great! Still building, riding and shredding. Looking for a bike to replace my old 2006 Giant ATX since the derailleur has broken and bike is overall rattley. But, don't have the money to do so. Would absolutely love this bike and could pay for shipping to Australia if need be. Hope you reply and see this. Please like for all who read this so it gets to Seth. Cheers mate, Harrison James

  85. FZZD Scorch

    FZZD Scorch


    congrats on your baby :)

  86. harrybooth86



    can you do an updated version on how you wash your bikes, love the content you are the only person that would make a video about converting a garage interesting

  87. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy


    I must say Seth you did a great job at this “dungeon”

  88. Pavel K

    Pavel K


    Be careful: store bikes in this way can damage seatpost.

  89. Saadullah Solangi

    Saadullah Solangi


    I dare you to put front suspension fork in the mtb unicycle 🥺

  90. josh martin

    josh martin


    Seth to be honest that bike rack looks like shit

  91. Jack Sweeney

    Jack Sweeney


    Yo Seth, to get more leverage on a multi tool, can’t you just open up the wrenches on the other side 🤯🤔 been working for me

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy


      Love how he literally labeled everything in the shop! 😂

  92. Seany Boy

    Seany Boy


    i have some catching up to do

  93. Valentine Beats

    Valentine Beats


    This is 🔥

    • Collision 8257

      Collision 8257

      4 napja

      No one likes brands in youtube comments

    • EzSnipes LT

      EzSnipes LT

      26 napja

      How do you have no likes

  94. yoshuwa manchanayaka

    yoshuwa manchanayaka



  95. Boggin Deep Fuggum

    Boggin Deep Fuggum


    I’m buying my first mountain bike as an adult and I just recovered from surgery after a broken femur 27.5 diamondback hardtail, hope all goes well I’ll definitely be taking it easy

  96. Learn to draw Tv رسم

    Learn to draw Tv رسم


    Hi, can you support Rasim's talents and thank you

    • Learn to draw Tv رسم

      Learn to draw Tv رسم


      @bocoy noiu Subscribe with me my girlfriend

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu


      Hi Seth Have you ever considered doing some riding in Australia

  97. AXLY Ro

    AXLY Ro


    Hi, i need some help, i dont have shimano mineral liquid, can i use car fluid instead on my mtb brakes?

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu


      Get Fabio Wibmer to come down to Berm Peak

  98. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-un


    Cant wait to see this venture fail its a stupid idea

  99. John



    during college I cut my pinky tendon in my left hand close to the tip, to let it heal I had to get it reattached by having surgery and a suture attached running through my nail to pull it tight against my bone. But, when after the surgery I needed a cast that would also allow me to constantly exercise throughout the day, and the cast was literally a hi lie scooper at 90 deg. I wasn't able to even grip the handle bar with my left hand and could only ride right handed. I made it work by not jumping the curbs riding and braking right handed but it was extremely hard. Once winter set in I gave up on riding it and let it sit and collect rust. I know what its like to want to be involved in a sport/lifestyle but be hindered by an injury, it really frickin sucks.

  100. Cooper Strachan

    Cooper Strachan


    New bike rack for sure