Berm Peak

Berm Peak

I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!

We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.

In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.

Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.



  1. Lew H

    Lew H

    22 órája

    I'd love it if you just spam these episodes and the same for the RC cars too. I have a few cars in mind that are affordable too.

  2. Cody Grandfield

    Cody Grandfield

    22 órája

    Does the DH stand for don't go on hills?

  3. dereks version

    dereks version

    23 órája

    Must... See...more... Nuff said!

  4. Ethan Ziggy D. Pineda

    Ethan Ziggy D. Pineda

    23 órája

    yeah seth doesnt specialize in xc trail or fitness but he specializes in taco's



    23 órája

    Great job but if you get a bigger truck like a ram or Ford that will tow like a boss

  6. Apostol Alexandru

    Apostol Alexandru

    23 órája

    Not bad :)

  7. Hadyatmika Suryadinata

    Hadyatmika Suryadinata

    23 órája

    So, are you saying this bike is okay to be stolen? GIVE IT TO ME DAMN IT!!!

  8. brett neuberger

    brett neuberger

    23 órája

    What did you list it at?

  9. Rae Peronneau

    Rae Peronneau

    23 órája

    “That’s patina.” 😂

  10. Ryker 55

    Ryker 55

    23 órája

    You know it’s a good day when Seth posts

  11. Dallas Dan Digital Productions

    Dallas Dan Digital Productions

    23 órája

    Congrats on the Ranger Station Seth! This place is incredibly impressive. Wow👍👍👍

  12. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez

    23 órája

    I think that I talk for almost everyone, We need more of this.

  13. Oliver Schmidt

    Oliver Schmidt

    23 órája

    I have a feeling that there will be a bike museum at the base of berm park at some point 😉

  14. John Carpenter

    John Carpenter

    23 órája

    I am waiting for the HGTV classic "We're really just looking for something with character" line.

  15. Eric Sharp

    Eric Sharp

    23 órája

    He gonna keep every bike he fixes! Lol

  16. Alphexx


    23 órája

    Just came back to watch this and I realized that the opening scene is my local trails.

  17. Dustin Galuppo

    Dustin Galuppo

    23 órája

    I really enjoyed this. Can’t wait for more like it.

  18. Raleine Cruz

    Raleine Cruz

    23 órája

    Can't wait for the other bikes!!!! 😍

  19. Cha Leowin

    Cha Leowin

    23 órája

    I love flowy non-rocky trails. These look perfect. I lived in Colorado for a time and it was great....stuck in Minnesota which isn't so great unless you are willing to drive...and drive.

  20. juan vicks

    juan vicks

    23 órája

    Bought a vintage cannondale road bike for 40 , wish I didnt flip it.

  21. juan vicks

    juan vicks

    23 órája

    Love this upload, the problem is buyers just wanna lowball.

  22. Henzen


    23 órája

    RIP beautiful Exage derailleur

  23. Old Soul

    Old Soul


    That plot twist... 🤣 More contents like this! ❤️

  24. Kajo



    we want more

  25. dysfunctional vet

    dysfunctional vet


    look at the woodland mills sawmills, they are good, have had one for a decade, still running well with routine TLC

  26. MTB Tad

    MTB Tad


    These jumps won’t usually kill you. Is that a challenge?!

  27. Kyvros YT

    Kyvros YT


    How do you get on a bmx and immediately be standing up?

  28. ItzBlizzard



    I just bought a 2020 salsa rustler that is carbon frame and GX eagle for $900 and I’m getting it professionally custom painted, I’m going to keep it for a while but at some point i might sale it and make pretty good profit :)

  29. Michael Allen

    Michael Allen


    Love seeing this! My dad's got a bike very similar to this with some revolutionary parts of the era (35 years ago). Gave me some great inspiration to work on it with my dad as a team project.

  30. randyandjody



    Great series, looking forward to the next one.

  31. macklin fader

    macklin fader


    if im being honest im a wimp, i would never do this. mad props to seth! :)

  32. Matt Sherrill

    Matt Sherrill


    Replace those Center-Pull brakes with V-Brakes... please for your safety!

  33. Tom Belbin

    Tom Belbin


    so should've made it a one by

  34. Onwe27 OWN

    Onwe27 OWN


    Drama would be happy to see this kid

  35. Onwe27 OWN

    Onwe27 OWN


    Dude, seth voice is like about to cry but the dude is just holding it in for the video...must be really painful...RIP

  36. David W

    David W


    That bike looks like one you give away for free. Can't believe anyone listed it for $70

  37. Squirrel's Moving Pictures

    Squirrel's Moving Pictures


    good stuff :) more of these please :)

  38. Onwe27 OWN

    Onwe27 OWN


    Seth is just the nicest dude to his friends ...

  39. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer


    Haha - love the ending. Your ideal number of bikes = n + 1 - where n = the number of bikes you already own 😁

  40. Hard Tail Shredder

    Hard Tail Shredder


    I like Seth fixing up old bikes than assembling new ones

  41. Keith C

    Keith C


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  42. Qxjnx



    what are your thoughts on chain less shaft bikes?

  43. Sonia Vecchini

    Sonia Vecchini


    The Gator is, without a doubt, the unsung hero of Berm Peak

  44. Michael P

    Michael P


    Maybe my old Trek 840 needs some love after all. I was planning to just donate it somewhere

  45. Nathan Handl

    Nathan Handl


    More of this!!!! This is awesome!

  46. Toasty Toast

    Toasty Toast


    I can't believe that you didn't do your normal intro! \

  47. Tom Neufeld

    Tom Neufeld


    I'd love to see and episode with one of these old 90's bikes retro modded to 1x drivetrain and whatever modern bolt on components you can get for them. Wont be a full beast trail rig but I bet would make for a fun light to mid duty trail bike at home on the rail trails and light single track.

  48. Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson


    Love the idea! Looking forward to the next episode. I am currently riding a 1993 Hard Rock Special edition that a guy retromoded and sold to me.

  49. Adam Stanchfield

    Adam Stanchfield


    Well, that's was a little different, but kinda the same.

  50. Joe Schmo

    Joe Schmo


    Im so glad to see lumber prices dropping. I've been putting so many projects off because I'm not paying 75% more just for the material.

  51. Iaroslav SHUBIN

    Iaroslav SHUBIN


    seth... that is good profit

  52. Ghostflow



    I want more of these!

  53. Mister B

    Mister B


    But... I'm going to guess if you put some hard watts through the bike that new chain WILL jump on a cluster and chainrings that are no less than 25 years old, not so? Soft pedaling won't let it skip.

  54. Robert Dandoy

    Robert Dandoy


    "Im gonna be real careful" Him just getting the pressure washer so close lol

  55. joel fam gaming

    joel fam gaming


    your drill has twork settings

  56. Andrea Botti

    Andrea Botti


    The fact that my 2021 Trek Marlin 5, a modern entry level MTB, comes stock with the exact same rear derailleur and shifter as the one seth put on this cheap bike, is honestly kinda embarassing

  57. Mahziar Alirezaie

    Mahziar Alirezaie


    Hi Seth I nice upgrades. Can you do next one with custom paint job?

  58. Lawrence Dickinson

    Lawrence Dickinson


    And you thought them good ol boys were back in them hills makin moonshine. lol

  59. Alberto Álvarez

    Alberto Álvarez


    The shame plastic disc on the cassette... What was the issue with the rear derailleur?

  60. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez


    What did you list the bike for?

  61. pizzaboy03



    you should do bmx next!

  62. Abrik Gill

    Abrik Gill


    Hey seth i was wondering if you could make a motorised bike i recon they would be fun as

  63. Jacob James

    Jacob James


    Seth : it’s old it’s rusted it’s poorly maintained its perfect 😂

  64. spiloFTW



    No! The world does not need this.

  65. Clarence Cabajar

    Clarence Cabajar


    I always wonder, why you dont always use Shimano products?

  66. Sebastian S

    Sebastian S


    What shoes is Seth wearing around the 9:47 mark? Digging the looks of those a lot.

  67. Eat-A-Cinder Block

    Eat-A-Cinder Block


    So no one noticed the 'pushing rope' , errr okaay

  68. Aleksandar Jovanov

    Aleksandar Jovanov


    I think your wires on the angle grinder are messed, the cut off wheel spins in opposite direction lol.

  69. Graham John Hockey

    Graham John Hockey


    Keen for this series!

  70. Maxawe Some

    Maxawe Some


    Good thing you brought Oscar with you, he probably saved your life.

  71. spud on ark

    spud on ark


    The second this video started i knew seth was gonna keep the bike 😂😂

  72. Logan Hayes

    Logan Hayes


    A scab is also my best friend

  73. Gary Whaley

    Gary Whaley


    Great vid, would like to see more like this on your channel.

  74. Chris Garland

    Chris Garland


    Love this new series

  75. Andreas Beaverman

    Andreas Beaverman


    I have a serius questing about cassetes i have a free wheel cassette but somehow i can remove The kogs like a regular cassette. So im Wonder if im having regular or a free wheel. I would appreciated if someone clould answer me.

  76. Eco-Friendly Walrus

    Eco-Friendly Walrus



  77. Tristan Smeda

    Tristan Smeda


    Seth couldn't resist a DiamondBack even if it were 30 years old...

  78. Com Sat

    Com Sat


    Add Front rack, back rack, Bafang motor & you have the perfect cargo bike...that's what i've done with my 90's mtb.

  79. Alvina Figueroa

    Alvina Figueroa


    I love that bike set up.

  80. Kids on bmx

    Kids on bmx


    I love this video